Project with The Mindful Museum in the Manchester Art Gallery

After 2 years of intercollegiate contact with Louise Thompson, Health and Wellbeing Manager of the Manchester Art Gallery, I will be going for a 10-day working visit to the Manchester Art Gallery in May 2022. I have the pleasure of assisting with a special scientific study mindful viewing of art that will take place at the museum in collaboration with the Professor & PhD Candidate from the University in London. During this week we will also facilitate programs in the museum around mindfulness, art, health & wellbeing during Metal Health Week.

Over the past four years, The Mindful Museum has developed mindfulness activities within their curricula with a range of audiences, exploring how this valuable skill can be used in the experience of art.

Working visit Manchester Art Gallery 7-17 May 2022
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Assist scientific study mindful viewing of art and facilitate Mindfulness in the Museum during Metal Health Week

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    Manchester Art Gallery