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In collaboration with the Museum of the Mind, I am developing a Mindfulness Based Health & Wellbeing offering focused on art and our mental well-being. Starting in 2022, we will offer several Mindfulness programs at Museum of the Mind.

Museum of the Mind manages the heritage of the mind, in the broad sense of the word. In light of “caring for the mind,” we offer the program Mindfulness in the Museum. It has been scientifically proven that both mindfulness and art and culture contribute to the prevention of mental problems. Museum of the Mind wants to actively contribute to this by offering ‘Mindfulness in the Museum’, through which you can work on your mental resilience. You may wander through your own mind and that of others. You are challenged to look at your own mind and those of others with an open mind. We invite reflection and expression as a valve for the mind.

The museum invites you on an interactive voyage of discovery into your own mind, and those of others. A museum bursting with personal stories, surprising art and an expansive historical collection, straddling the boundaries between healthcare, art and science. A visit to the museum, located in a centuries-old former leprosarium, plague hospice and madhouse, is an experience focused on the wonder and versatility of the mind. This journey runs along three pillars through time and cultures: care of the mind (cure and care), thinking about the mind (science, philosophy) and imagination of the mind (creative power, that which the mind produces).

‘Interactive, inclusive and a touch activist – The Museum of the Mind shows itself to be a 21st-century museum in everything,’ concluded the Parool in 202 when the museum opened after a major renovation.

Museum of the Mind has been nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) 2022!

In collaboration with Jessica Belles, Esmèe Perloy-te Grotenhuis and Carine Neefjes
Program development: Jolien Posthumus


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