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For the Van Gogh Museum, I am developing a bespoke Mindfulness Based Health & Wellbeing program focused on art and our mental well-being.

‘I used to know that you could break your arms and legs and that that could recover later, but I didn’t know that you could be broken mentally and that that also recovered afterwards.’ Vincent van Gogh, letter 743)

The Van Gogh Museum aims to make the art and life of Vincent van Gogh accessible to a diverse audience. Van Gogh’s mental illness is an important part of his story and it’s time we spoke more openly about it! Together with health professionals we are developing a ‘mental health program’ for young adults with which we want to make a positive contribution to their well-being. Using Vincent as a starting point, we want to promote dialogue, provide creative tools, and embrace diversity.

– The inspiring life story of Vincent
– Trauma Informed
– Interpersonal mindfulness
– Mindfulness Based Dialogue, Listening & Enquiry

The Van Gogh Museum wants to make the story of the artist and the human being Vincent van Gogh accessible. In doing so they break through the ‘mad and genius’ myth surrounding Vincent and, more generally, the taboos and prejudices surrounding mental health.

Project leaders: Ann Blokland, Senior Curator of Education and Sarah Broekhoven, Curator of Education
Program development and trainer: Jolien Posthumus


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    Van Gogh Museum