Mindfulness in Museums

As a highest degree (trauma informed) mindfulness trainer I develop bespoke Mindfulness Based Programs for museums. Let’s engage with art and really look, in a non-judgemental way, be present with a beginners-mind and with compassion to experience how fundamentally art relates to being human.

Practicing mindfulness and viewing art in our busy world is active self-care, a human virtue! They work to reduce stress, promote self-development, and help us relate differently to fear, emotions and thoughts. Both cultivate our Curiosity Quotient (CQ),  and our creativity. And we work Evidence Based, scientific research also shows time and again that mindfulness, art, and culture contribute to quality & enjoyment of life, stress resilience and balance.

Bespoke programs with focus on
• Attention, and the lapse of attention
• Learning to look in a non- judgmental way
• Trauma informed mindfulness practice
• Our automatic thoughts and worrying
• How to explore feeling tones as they arose
• A different perspective and new insights
• Awakening our curiosity & creativity

For every museum visitor
Get away from the madness of the day and pay attention to the permanent collection or temporary exhibition. Let yourself be surprised and awaken your curiosity and creativity!

Youth and young adults
Through art viewing and art education programs, we can make mental well-being negotiable. Art as a starting point to promote dialogue, provide creative tools, and embrace diversity.

Healthcare Professionals
Currently, there is a high demand for mindfulness-based interventions from healthcare professionals. In addition to prevention, practicing mindfulness can also contribute to the quality-of-care delivery.

People with dementia and their loved ones
Through art, stories, memories and ideas can be shared and together they bring a work of art to life. Our differences disappear and space is created for a meaningful conversation about art and our humanity.

Workshops, programs, trainings, lectures, videos, films, and guided sessions and more! What can I do for your museum?

May 7, 2022

Project with The Mindful Museum in the Manchester Art Gallery

After 2 years of intercollegiate contact with Louise Thompson, Health and Wellbeing Manager of the Manchester Art Gallery, I will be going for a 10-day working...
  • Client

    Manchester Art Gallery

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Program Mindfulness & Wellbeing Museum of the Mind

In collaboration with the Museum of the Mind, I am developing a Mindfulness Based Health & Wellbeing offering focused on art and our mental well-being. Starting...
  • Client

    Museum of the Mind

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Program Mindfulness, Health & Wellbeing Van Gogh Museum

For the Van Gogh Museum, I am developing a bespoke Mindfulness Based Health & Wellbeing program focused on art and our mental well-being. ‘I used to know...
  • Client

    Van Gogh Museum

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Program Mindful Art Healing Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

For Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, I developed a bespoke Mindfulness Based program aimed at viewing art in a mindful way for the exhibition ‘Weids! With attention to...
  • Client

    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

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Mindfulness ‘The Life of Buddha’ De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

Between September 16, 2018, and February 3, 2019, a team of trainers from the Center for Mindfulness (CVM) guided daily meditations during the exhibition The life...
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