Mindfulness, Art and Wellbeing

Those who regularly soak up culture experience that it increases their sense of well-being. Mindfulness in our busy world is also active self-care, a human virtue! It actively contributes to our quality of life, meaning and social participation and awakens your creativity! Art and Mindfulness let you look outside the box.

Mindfulness & Art,  its about the moment when your attention is captured by something and being aware of what it does to you – Jolien Posthumus

Scientific research shows time and again that mindfulness, art, and culture, contribute to quality of life, stress resilience and balance. By combining these forces, the offer contributes to the strengthening of our resilience, both in dealing with small, as with major challenges in life. The reduce stress and promote self-development and creativity.

Adequate mindfulness guidance is a profession; the profession of a professional mindfulnesstrainer. As the highest degree mindfulness trainer, I develop bespoke programs, workshops and cultural interventions that are curated with the Evidence Based exercises from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

The programs we developed provide support for mental health, fretting, well-being, anxiety reduction, sense of purpose, burnout (prevention) symptoms and depression and awaken our curiosity and creativity. The foundation herein is the sciene of mindfulness based practice and the polyvagal theory, the neurophysiological base of emotions, attachment, communication, and self-regulation.

(Read in Dutch: Mindfulness en Kunst)

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